So.. Let’s talk about the weather?

Oh hey lil wayne. what’s up.


ANYWAY… the weather here in BEAUTIFUL Los Angeles, has been a bit much for me to handle.

It’s Effing hot guys, it’s too much. So I suggest you listen if you feel the same way.


Hopefully soon joyrich will be carrying these bad boys:

Spraying Fan Water Bottle Madness


If you have a cool friend with a swimming pool, make them your best friend this week, and hop in!


Also, Stay hydrated I prefer gatorade, The thirst quencher “wink”


For you people who can’t swim, it’s ok, you can just pick up some floaties at the nearest rite aide


THE SUN IS NOT YOUR FRIEND. It’s bad, it’s very bad, it can really do some damage

so stay covered and get a cool looking hat like this kid



Don’t forget your sunblock  


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