Day 3! yeeeeeeah

Sorry It took me so long to update. End of Coachella, check it outtttttt!


Started the day by pickin’ up elise n so’me.

and we had more car trouble…

getttin some sunnys n watches


so’me n japtice

elise and girl

first person we run into! cesar!!

japtice n justice


P-Thugg from Chromeo


Kid Sistaaaa




So’Me n Cory

abby n zoe n erin


We were walking and some kid wanted so’me to sign his chest

Elise n Gaspar


Japtice n Franki Chan

Elise’s bro n Gaspar n Tom

Elise n Brudaaa



Danny, Mark n Jeremy


kavinsky what’s up

jeremy n core dancin

ewieeeee corrrryy

justice, thanks for everything guys!


other dood from chromeo


French Dj dood

Car broke down again….waiting for tow truck.


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2 Responses to Day 3! yeeeeeeah

  1. saray says:

    Nice pics 🙂

  2. oskar says:

    Justice! best!

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