It’s HOT.

cimg1713.jpgMy personal Favorite. Hoods.cimg1720.jpgGina and her krew came to visit today.  Brodinski n Pharrell from floukids! AND OF COURSE OF FAVORITE GREG!!!cimg1730.jpg  Joyrich Loves Gina!!cimg1710.jpgWe also Love our MailMan!!! And Lena, Our Newest Member Of the JoyRich Family.cimg1732.jpgNew Fragrance….mmmm.———————Pro-Nail’s by Lena.  cimg1736.jpg Cutest part of our day. 

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2 Responses to It’s HOT.

  1. Adri says:

    Chris,i should be the cutest part of your day
    always and forever.

  2. jordane says:

    holly shit freshla is biting official tourist!!! haa haah


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