Enojoy This HALLMARK Holiday Kittys!!

Dj’s ADORABLE! Happy Valentines Day! We Love Grampa Dan Oh And Gina Turner!

Rockin’ Joyrich in Metromix Magazine! 

(Joyrich original Tee-shirt and Lichtenberg Leggings)  



297703_height419_width419.jpeg 297708_height419_width419.jpeg



Too Bad We Don’t sell This shirt right girls? HA..JOKE


mmmm…Happy V-day. HAVE FUN…not too much though..lovers.gif heart-leaf-selective-smaller-2.jpg 

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2 Responses to Enojoy This HALLMARK Holiday Kittys!!

  1. Gabriel says:

    DAN OH!!! YOU THE MAN OH! Lookin sharp!

  2. joyrich says:

    hahahaha Yeeee

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